I think the word 'outstanding' says it all. Really well done to the Bright Ideas Partnership, who have made a massive impact on NUS and created real culture change, which will continue long after their departure.

Matt Hyde, Chief Executive, National Union of Students

The Bright Ideas Partnership provides hands-on support for charities in trust and statutory fundraising. This ranges from one-off specific applications, to providing ongoing fundraising support.

Bright Ideas also provides interim fundraising and management cover, allowing charities to fill staffing gaps such as those due to maternity leave or when an organisation fails to recruit. For example, we provided interim cover to Plan UK, whilst they recruited a full-time trust fundraiser.

In addition, Bright Ideas also investigates the potential of different fundraising streams for charities and not-for-profits, allowing organisations to make an informed decision about whether to invest in these forms of fundraising in the long-term. For example, Bright Ideas set up a statutory fundraising programme at NUS for the first time in its history, which raised over £2.5million. This has empowered the organisation to commit to a long-term statutory fundraising strategy.

To see more examples of the work of the Bright Ideas Partnership please take a look at our track record.