Where is the Bright Ideas Partnership based?

We have offices in London and we travel when needed to our clients across the UK.

We also have online meetings to enable us to connect with clients throughout the world. We have had clients based in Tanzania and Switzerland, as well as throughout the UK.

Why hire a consultant?

Consultants can fill a skills or expertise gap in your organisation quickly, and without the costs involved in hiring a permanent member of staff. Consultants also bring a fresh perspective and an unbiased opinion.

How does the Bright Ideas Partnership approach a contract?

We enter discussions with prospective clients to agree what support they need, how we can provide the support they are looking for and the costs involved. Our fees reflect the professional time involved.

Fee payments and structure are always agreed in advance and set out in a contract. Also included in our contract will be the key objectives of a piece of work to (e.g. to research funders, submit an application to the National Lottery Community Fund or undertake an evaluation of a project) and the timeframe for the work.

All or our contracts are delivered by Jo, with support from our team of associates where required. This ensures that there is always a clear ‘lead’ on all contracts.

Does the Bright Ideas Partnership support start-up charities and community organisations?

Yes, we support charities and community organisations of all sizes. We have a reduced day rate for organisations whose turnover is under £1 million. One of our first clients, Justlife, only had a few hundred pounds in the bank when we supported them to get their first Lottery grant of over £300,000.

Does the Bright Ideas Partnership accept payment on results or by commission?

No, as recommended by the Institute of Fundraising’s Best Practice for Consultants, the Bright Ideas Partnership does not accept work on a payment by results or on commission basis. Many donors react adversely to commission-based fees and they can lead to disputes about who was responsible for obtaining the gift.

Furthermore, in the case of large gifts, a commission-based fee may lead to an unacceptably high level of remuneration. However, we strive to ensure our clients get the best value for money for our services and on average deliver £25.37 for every £1 invested in us.

How does the Bright Ideas Partnership ensure any sensitive information they access from their clients remains confidential?

We have a confidentiality clause in our standard contract, which is based on the Chartered Institute of Fundraising’s Model Contract. We also sign clients’ confidentiality agreements if they have their own in-house Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Does the Bright Ideas Partnership have professional liability insurance?

We have professional indemnity and liability insurance for small businesses provided by Hiscox to protect both our business and our clients. However, we have never had to utilise this insurance and have never had a dispute with any of our clients.