Bright Ideas work with Spark Inside, which runs coaching programmes in prisons and in the community in London and the South-East, that encourage rehabilitation and reduce reoffending. They help make transformational changes in prisons and unlock the potential of people in prison to ultimately lead fulfilling lives.

We have supported Spark Inside by identifying new trusts and foundations, and provided hands-on and mentoring support to enable the charity to apply to trusts and foundations interested in criminal justice and youth charities.

This has resulted in millions of pounds worth of funding, including £22,000 from the Stephen Lloyd Awards, £100,000 over 3 years from Comic Relief and £550,000 over 5 years from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Youth Fund.

Our support has also enabled Spark Inside to continue on its growth trajectory from £118,352 in 2013/14 to £834,524 in 2021/22.

Thanks to Bright Ideas, we know that our grant-writing is in safe hands and our staff team can focus on what we do best: designing and running programmes. Jo is highly intelligent, skilled and a quick learner with an impressive knowledge of our sector. What makes Bright Ideas different is that they are patient, flexible and accommodating of our busy diaries and the ever-changing funding landscape and priorities.

I would not hesitate to recommend Bright Ideas to any charity - it's one of the best investments you could ever make of time and money, as well as a truly wonderful partnership!

Baillie Aaron, Founder and CEO, Spark Inside